Juvenile Justice Services

NFI Massachusetts has a long history of providing services to the Juvenile Justice system in the Commonwealth.  Working in partnership with the Department of Youth Services, NFI creates safe, healthy and therapeutic environments for DYS committed and detained youth. 

NFI’s Juvenile Justice programs offer a continuum of services within the Northeast Area including pre-trial detention, assessment, residential treatment and community re-integration.  Our service delivery models go beyond accountability and recidivism reduction, promoting skills and competencies that allow youth to achieve their full potential.  Programs are designed to provide safe, secure, predictable environments in which youth develop the skills necessary to effectively manage the emotional, behavioral and/or substance abuse problems that may have been the source of their commitment to DYS.  Staff members are equipped with a repertoire of research-based and individualized interventions that foster youth self-management and increase the likelihood that newly acquired skills are transferable to home and community.  NFI’s ultimate goal is to ensure that youth are fully prepared for and successful in their return to their home and communities.