Foundations for Families

NFI’s Foundations for Families program provides home based treatment, community based outreach, comprehensive assessment, counseling, case coordination, and crisis intervention services for youths and families.  Services and service intensity are highly individualized to meet the unique and varying needs of each youth/family.

Foundations for Families staff are highly trained and experienced in family engagement, child and adolescent development, serious emotional/behavioral/mental health issues, crisis management and de-escalation skills.  Staffing patterns depend on the service the family is referred for and can include: licensed clinicians, masters level clinicians, parent partners who have life experience as parents of children with special needs, and bachelor level mentors and case managers.

Services are available both on a planned, scheduled basis as well as a response to a youth/family in crisis. All services are flexible and swift to accommodate a family’s challenging needs. Services are directed toward and maximizing the youth/family’s strengths and keeping the family together, avoiding the need for out-of-home placement. The team will also ensure that families are provided with information and referral to community resources and supports to maximize the youth/family’s support network. Services include, In Home Therapy, Therapeutic Mentoring Services, Family Systems Intervention, Individual Youth Support, Outreach and Tracking, Family Stabilization, and Youth Support Group.

Foundations for Families services can operate as a “stand alone” service or it can be effectively integrated into larger service plans involving other services and providers such as hospitals, state agencies, outpatient services, residential treatment programs and other community based programs.

Gender Male and Female
Capacity 120
Ages Varies by service
Length of Stay 3 months to 2 years
Referring Agency Department of Children and Families, Department of Mental Health, and MassHealth (MBHP, Tufts and Optum members)
Contact Heather Ingham Program Director
  Phone: 978-373-1181 ext 112
  Fax: 978-532-0349

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