Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

76 Winter Street Haverhill MA

Our approach with multi-challenged families is based on the premise that families are our most powerful social institution.  By strengthening, supporting and, when possible, maintaining families, we are best able to offer children the safe and nurturing environments they need.

Here at our 76 Winter street Haverhill MA location we are now offering a MAT program. The Medication Assisted Treatment plan is the use of medication while also seeing a therapist while remaining in your own home. This allows you or a loved on to remain comfortably in your own home while also overcoming substance abuse. MAT has been proven to help with recovery.

Suboxone and Vivitrol

The use of Suboxone has shown significant positive outcome to patients. It has not only decreased craving for substance use but also help in decreasing overdose, mortality rate, and reduction in criminal activities. Here at NFI we offer Suboxone and Vivitrol to all those who qualify. To find out if you qualify come on down to our location and fill out some paperwork. The MAT program consists of seeing one of our outpatient clinicians weekly and then our medication provider every 2-4 weeks. In between each medication appointment our Suboxone Case Manager will check up on you and see how you’re doing.

About becoming a MAT patient

Program components include:

  • Intake and Assessment
  • Recovery planning
  • Individual therapy
  • Case management
  • Meeting with medication provider
  • Toxicology screens as needed

Is MAT right for you?

The individuals that are right for MAT are the ones that are overcoming substance abuse and need that extra boost to get them in the right direction while also staying in the comfort of their own home. If you or a loved one need that extra boost to get in recovery, we are here to help!

To Learn More About MAT:

Contact Alyssa Lewis, Suboxone Case Manager at (978) 373-1181 ext 146 or