Intensive Foster Care

Foster CareNFI’s Intensive Foster Care Program (IFC) provides long-term therapeutic foster care services for children ranging in age from infants to 21 years old.  IFC is provided in the home by carefully selected, trained, and supervised foster families. NFI provides a model in which the needs of the individual youth are carefully “matched” with the unique strengths and skills of the foster parents. The goals of this program include minimizing disruptive episodes such as hospitalizations, absences from school, and lengthy out-of-home residential placements, and maximizing the use of less restrictive, community-based care. Many youth have a variety of medical, behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs.  NFI’s foster parents receive training, supervision, and round-the-clock support.

Client Gender Male and Female
Capacity Varies depending on need and current placements
Ages Birth to 21 years old
Length of Stay Short and long term foster placements based on need
Referring Agency Department of Mental Health, Department of Children and Families
Contact Anita Acevedo, Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: (978) 518 1646
Fax: (978) 531 0312