NFI Massachusetts Presents at the 27th Annual International Trauma Conference

June 2, 2016

27 Annual Trauma Conference NFI Massachusetts at the 27th Annual International Trauma Conference & Inaugural ARC Conference

On Wednesday, June 1st, fourteen staff from NFI Massachusetts attended the first day of the 27th annual International Trauma Conference in Boston, MA.  The first day of the conference was an inaugural Attachment, Self-Regulation, and Competency conference, focused on the traumatic stress treatment model that NFI has adopted in our adolescent programming.

NFI Presenting at ARC ConferenceNFI Massachusetts made a major contribution to the conference as the only provider in the nation selected to instruct two workshops on the use of ARC.  Melissa Swain and Katie Corcoran of the Community Interventions Program presented “Creating Captains of Co-Regulation” and Stacie Bloxham and Holly Lawrence of the North Shore Continuum presented “Coaching Caregivers in the Home.”  Both presentations were made to an audience of over 100 other providers that are either currently using ARC or interested in adopting the model, and both were incredibly well received as practical, useful information about weaving ARC into the fabric of residential and community based programming.  It was a great opportunity to both learn about and teach others about a model that is gaining momentum across the country.