Forensic Services

Forensic Mental Health Services

Court Clinics

Funded by the Department of Mental Health, NFI’s Court Clinics provide forensic mental health services to District and Superior Court Departments of the Massachusetts Trial Court.  Services include a range of evaluation, referral and consultation/liaison services including:

  • Assisting courts in identifying defendants/offenders with mental illness
  • Assisting the courts with assessing those brought before the court for civil commitment evaluations related to substance abuse and/or mental illness.
  • Evaluating competency to stand trial
  • Assessing criminal responsibility
  • Conducting statutory and non-statutory evaluations
  • Helping clients, many of whom have complex needs, receive needed services.
  • Serving as a liaison with mental health and substance abuse services to facilitate appropriate case dispositions.
  • Reducing unnecessary hospitalization of persons with mental illness and maximizing service linkages to help reduce symptom relapse, thus reducing the penetration of persons with mental illness into the criminal justice symptom.

NFI operates court clinic services in 7 District Courts (Haverhill, Lawrence, Lynn, Lowell, Malden,  Gloucester, Newburyport/Ipswich) and 5 Superior Courts (Lawrence, Lowell, Salem/Peabody, Newburyport, Gloucester).