NFI Massachusetts Leadership

Board of Directors

James Zafris, Chairman/President of the Board
Pamela Rocha, Treasurer
Dr. Barbara Vinick, Clerk
Howard Rich
Roger Marcorelle
Barnet Weinstein
Dr. Katherine Turner
Sharon Freeman

Leadership and Support Team

Executive Leadership

Steven R. Hahn, Executive Director
Christopher Tuttle, Director of Operations
Mairin Schreiber, Director of Quality and Development
Bill Frankenstein, Director of Finance and Contracts
Daniel Rosenn, M.D., Medical Director

Operations Leadership

Eric Klingaman, Director of Adolescent Behavioral Health Services
Stacie Bloxham, Director of Ambulatory Services
Mary Ann Silveria, Director of Adult Services
Carey Bender, Director of Juvenile Justice Programming
Mike Chery, Director of STARR Programming
David Cunningham, Director of Group Home Programming
Irene Olson, Family Support Coordinator

Human Resources

Jackie Ross, Human Resource Manager
Bryan Golden
, Human Resource Administrator
Linda Kenyon, Human Resource Administrative Assistant
Charlene Fitzgerald, Reception/Administrative Support

Quality & Development

Joel Aufiero, Director of Training
Alex DeFronzo, Training and Development Associate
Jason Thompson, Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager
Sherry Frost, EVOLV System Administrator

Business, Finance, Contracts, & Information Technology

Valerie LaRossa, Assistant Business Manager
Larry Hall, Information Technology Coordinator
Jim Sullivan, Administrative Services Manager
Terri Pike, Accounts Payable Coordinator
Heidi Sheehan, Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Michelle Ouellette, Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Joe Pelkey, Facilities Supervisor